You are currently viewing Airbnb’s New Cleaning Guidelines COVID

Airbnb’s New Cleaning Guidelines COVID

Airbnb’s New Cleaning Guidelines COVID

Organization and cleanliness are our things! Do you know our service?  Quick Cleaning is a top-rated Airbnb cleaning service in Chicago. Our staff ensures your rental property will be cleaned and sanitized. Besides, we lead away in rental property cleaning services. The cleaning service plan is fully customized to your needs. This is why we follow Airbnb’s New Cleaning Guidelines COVID.

New cleaning methods

We are so much into neatness that we stick to several cleaning standards. We make it fast and focus on your health. Luckily,  with Airbnb’s Guidelines  we get everything properly clean and sanitized. Quick Cleaning follows Airbnb’s New Cleaning Guidelines COVID to make sure your rental unit, you, and your guests are safe.

How do we clean?

Our professionals pay attention to details. This is why we are all qualified to do a flawless job! Moreover, we fulfill cleaning guidelines and checklists. Additionally, we include all supplies making us the most affordable Airbnb cleaning service. 

Our  Chicago cleaning company will clean and sanitize areas such as:

  • Doors and doorknobs.
  • Light switches
  • Stair railings
  • Bathrooms
  • Remote Controls 
  • Kitchen Doors & Cabinets 
  • Wash and sanitize linens and towels
  • All commonly used items

And much more! We cover every essential cleaning and offer you additional services. Ask for them! 

Worried about costs?

Airbnb cleaning service costs can vary from city to city. It can also depend on the type, size, and occupancy of your property. You can contact us now to get your estimate!

Airbnb's New Cleaning Guidelines COVID 2
Airbnb´s New Cleaning Guidelines COVID

Airbnb & Covid 19 - Enhanced Cleaning Protocol

We want you to feel safe, so, our personnel adheres to Airbnb’s New Cleaning Guidelines COVID 19. All of our staff will always wear protective masks, and gloves and also maintain social distancing. So if you need us, we are ready to deal with your cleaning work for you! Stay home, stay safe.