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Cleaning And Disinfection Method

Cleaning And Disinfection method

Cleaning and disinfection operations are essential parts of production and the efficiency with which these operations are carried out has an enormous influence on the final quality of the product. In addition, this is the Cleaning and Disinfection Method.

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In the first place, the precondition for an effective cleaning program is that the factory and its equipment have been designed with hygienic standards in mind. In addition, the most efficient cleaning program may inapplicable if there are serious basic deficiencies in the factory or equipment. Finally, and if there are flaws in the design, hygiene will never fully effective.



Surfaces of equipment used in food manufacturing inevitably become dirty and need to clean. Cleaning out if not continuously, at least at regular and frequent intervals so that good product quality is constantly maintained. 

In addition, the manner in which cleaning should carried out depends mainly on the nature of the dirt or grime to remove.

Cleaning program

The basic phases of a cleaning program can  summarized as follows. Also, removal of the coarsest dirt, removal with detergents of any remaining dirt or grime, and dragging or rinsing with water to remove detergents and dirt. 

In addition, cleaning must often follow by disinfection or sterilization, which involves two further steps, disinfection or sterilization of surfaces with products that destroy microorganisms and washing or rinsing of surfaces.


Types of dirt


The type of dirt to be removed varies according to the composition of the food and the nature of the process to which it has been subjected. Also, the food remains of the surface to clean can dry particles and dried or cooked, sticky, greasy or viscous residues. 

In addition, the length of time that a food residue remains undisturbed. Also, influences the ease with which it is cleaned and thus more difficult to remove. This post about is: Cleaning And Disinfection method.

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