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Commercial Cleaning Tips For Moving Your Business

Commercial Cleaning Tips For Moving Your Business

If one thing is sure in life is that nothing stays still. Nothing. And that includes businesses. All companies evolve and part of that evolution or change is moving to a bigger or better place. And while people think that moving might be the same as a house move, that isn’t true. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when moving. Part of making it easier is cleaning. Easier in the sense of leaving the place faster and packing everything better. So today we have some commercial cleaning tips for moving your business. It is important to take note of all of them. This will make moving a lot easier and safer so, keep reading to learn what to do inside your business before moving.

Declutter everything

Both for homes and offices, clutter is what can make a moving day horrible. That is why the best way to start is by decluttering everything. There are some ways that you can start to make the process easier. What we recommend is that you begin with your personal space. Sometimes we work in the same spot for years and we keep things in it. Yet, do we use everything? The rule of thumb is, that if it hasn’t been used for more than 6 months, it goes away. You don’t have to throw them in the garbage though, you can donate them. Some people might make good use of them.

commercial cleaning ideas for moving out of your office
commercial cleaning tips for moving out of your business

Continue with the business

After cleaning your personal space, it is time to continue with the business. Every company has clutter. Depending on the industry some might have more than others. For example, restaurants might have leftover ingredients. Retail stores could have empty boxes. But in the end, all companies have clutter. So, once your space is good, you can go ahead and start cleaning everything else. You can make a schedule with your co-workers to clean faster and better. So, get started with business cleaning with all. Yet, if you want to save time, you can call a janitorial cleaning service.

Make sure you are complying with the regulations

Here we’ll split the topic into two things, the first one for the government regulations. The second one is about the security deposit. Starting with the former, you know that leaving a place or moving to a new one requires some things. Now, to get a business started everything has to be according to today’s regulations. When it comes to cleaning, it is essential to keep this in mind. Depending on the industry, some regulations might be tighter than others. Restaurants, for example. They need to pass a health inspection. Offices, on the other hand, just need some quick cleaning to make things good. But, it is important that before moving in or out, you leave everything in order.

commercial cleaning idea for moving out of your business

Leaving the place in order

As we mentioned now, for the second part, the deposit. When it comes to leaving a place, cleaning influences a lot on whether you get the deposit back or not. And while business owners are the only ones that worry about this, it is a job for all. Before moving out make sure you know everything about the leasing. Some multi-tenant buildings require more things when it comes to leaving the place. So, make sure you comply with all. Cleaning can help do this a lot faster and easier. So, if you want to leave the place without a hitch, get a local janitorial service to help. This will save you time and even money in the long run.

Do not mix the moving day with the cleaning day

One important thing to keep in mind is to never mix these two days. Some people think they can do everything during the same day. But no, that is a terrible idea. It is better to focus on one thing one day and leave moving for another one. Why? Well, cleaning and moving are things that can stress anyone. What we recommend is that you take a week to clean. Take one or two hours a day to speed the process without affecting everyone’s job. That way, when the moving day arrives, you’ll be free to do it without any issues.

Moving in

Now, moving in is a whole different process as well. While moving out is hard itself because you need to declutter, now you need to put everything in place. Most business owners will already have some floorplans to put everything in place. But in the case that doesn’t happen, well, it can get hectic. A good way to make the move-in day easier is by cleaning the place first. There is nothing worse than arriving at a new spot and seeing that it is full of dust and dirt. This will affect everyone’s performance and morale. The day you move you can call a same-day move-in cleaning service. While you are loading the truck, the cleaning service can take care of everything at the same time. Just make sure they are using the right products to avoid any allergies or reactions.

cleaning tips for moving out for your business
commercial cleaning tips for an office move

Setting everything up

If your move-in day has been successful then it is time to start unpacking. What we recommend is always tackling one area at a time. Every business has different areas so you can take advantage of that. Start with the ones in the far back. Usually putting things in places like the office or pantry, will make it all faster in the front of the business. This is a good idea to keep a steady cleaning and organizing flow. By doing this you will be freeing space and letting your co-workers breathe and move freely. Once everything is done you can start by setting your own space. In places such as offices, we recommend leaving your personal desk until the end. It is better because you will not have clutter all around the place. Hence, making organizing your spot a lot easier.

Keeping up with the cleaning

Remember that moving to a new place is always great but it takes time to adjust. People will need to adapt to the air quality, the space, and everything else. Recurring commercial cleaning is important during the first days of moving inside a new place. Why? Well, people are going to be so busy adapting and keeping up with work that cleaning might be left behind. So, hiring a recurring janitorial cleaning service is a good idea for this. That is why we recommend not leaving cleaning for another day. Get started as soon as you arrive to avoid problems. And if you got that deposit money back, you can invest it in a cleaning company. Trust us, a local cleaning company will make your life a lot easier. This is one of the best commercial cleaning tips for for moving your business.

Always get extra help if needed

Now, the real and important thing about cleaning a place right is the process. As we have mentioned, while all employees can help and do it, we also recommend getting some help if there’s the time and money. Recurring commercial cleaning is something that a lot of companies opt for. So, that is something you should keep in mind. Here in Quick Cleaning, we offer the best janitorial services for any need your company requires. You can call us today and get a free quote on our commercial cleaning services. So, do not hesitate. Call today and get some help with moving your company to a new place. Start your new business with a clean business. And remember, we are always happy to help with anything related to cleaning.