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How to make a successful move

How to make a successful move

Here are some tips on how to make a successful move because we think you will find them useful. Almost every time you organize a move, it is a complete headache and a constant anxiety to make sure you don’t miss anything in the process. Especially, when you do it with little time in advance. 

We know that there is no absolute guide on how to make a successful move so that your move goes perfectly, but we have found that there are processes that will make your move easier and help you make it as organized as possible. Here are some tips on how to make a successful move because we think you will find them useful.

Let’s start from the general to the particular so get comfortable and read these tips wisely so you can carry it out according to your needs.

Take your time to think

Do everything little by little, so we recommend that you start several weeks before Moving Day This tip seems simple, but it is the most important. Your organization and the success of your move depend on it.
It also helps you not to get overwhelmed and stress yourself out by packing in a hurry, this seems simple enough, but it is the main factor that will make your experience smoother. Decide what you are going to take with you and above all decide what you are going to leave behind. New house, new things, new life.

Recycle those things that you no longer use and take up space and ask yourself why take them to my new home? We consider it appropriate to make a list as an inventory to choose with more determination the things you will leave and even the things you will need for your new home. We know that this tip on how to make a successful move will help you more than you think. However, here are some tips to complement this post. If you are interested read the following post: Time Saving Moving Tips


Transfer your contracts


When you move to your new home it is important that you remember to notify your new address to the different institutions. This is an arduous task, but if you consider it with time it will be just one more paperwork and not a torment.
When moving house it is important to remember to notify the new address to different agencies and transfer your contracts to the new home. This point in particular is a great tip on how to make a successful move.

Organize your personal belongings

The key to an organized move is to have everything you need at hand. So we recommend that you prepare a moving kit with the essential things you will need to put everything together.

Large bags: Believe me you will need them and it is preferable that they are made of resistant material and of different colors to reserve the black color for the garbage and the rest divide them for the things you will really need in your new home.

For example:

  • Cardboard boxes: Collect boxes of absolutely everything. I assure you that some of them will be useful. Preferably large and hard cardboard.
  • Newspaper: They will be very useful when storing glass cups or any other fragile object, in addition to cutters.
  • Tape: Buy a lot of adhesive tape, and if you can, buy it in bulk. 
  • Scissors and thick markers: colored markers, this will help you identify them with each room and the boxes or bags corresponding to each one of them.
  • Pack your things by rooms and identify the inside of each box with a label. This way it will be much easier to unpack everything and put your belongings in each place.

Remember that it is not necessary to unpack everything during the first few days, take your time to take everything out little by little and enjoy the decoration of your new home.
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Mark the boxes


Using permanent markers label all boxes and bags with codes to ensure a successful move.
Or you can also use important number codes.

  •  1 or letter a: Boxes or bags that need to be unpacked as quickly as possible. 
  • 2 or letter b: Such as clothes and shoes that we don’t wear very often.
  •  3 or letter c: What can be the last thing to unpack, delete as photo albums, extra pillows, among others.

Keep a bag with basic things at hand

Don’t leave your toothbrush, a change of clothes and basic hygiene accessories, among others, stored at the bottom, since these are products you will need immediately, especially if there are children at home or elderly people. Also remember to have a change of clothes for everyone, as well as utensils and disposable tableware. 

Above all, snacks that are easy to prepare and do not need to be heated or cooked and water, lots and lots of water. Also quick or already prepared dinners are very helpful in these cases.

You won’t be taking out and unpacking the things you have stored. This point may seem obvious but it is not as obvious as it seems. This is the biggest problem faced by those who are in the process of moving and something so simple is an effective solution.


Take the opportunity to clean your new home


Since you haven’t taken your things with you yet, it will be quite productive to clean every corner of the place, because remember that this is the only time you will have access to every corner of the place.
Look at moving as a home cleaning because it is an opportunity to get out of the house what you don’t like, what is no longer aligned with your life purpose. Take the opportunity to give away, donate, throw away. 

Take to the new space what you really want to be with you.

  • Do a deep cleaning: Clean all your appliances and defrost the refrigerator a day before.
  • Clean Your New Home: The right time to clean your new home is before you organize your items, having everything in boxes makes it easier to start cleaning. Also if any part of your house needs to be painted, this is the time to do it, once your things are unpacked it will be more difficult to protect them from the paint.

In your new house, unpack and assemble everything related to the beds, since during a move, those who are in charge of unpacking everything end up tired and the least that can happen is that the bed is not ready yet. This will also allow you to take the necessary breaks and continue without any problems. Simple logic in these situations is fundamental in order to have a good result and the answer to how to make a successful move.

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In conclusion, moving is hard work, but with these tips we hope you will find it a little less complicated. Remember that there are companies that will take care of your move. If you want more information follow us.