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How To Move Plants To A New Home

How To Move Plants To A New Home

When people start the moving process, sometimes they only think about the things that go in boxes and are packed easily. Things like clothes, furniture, and so on. However, a house has a lot more than just that. Relocating them can be a bit hard for people who love decorating their homes with plants. Mainly because of all the care they need during the move. That is why today we want to tell you how to move plants to a new home. If you want to ensure your plants arrive at your new home safely, keep reading.

Moving House Plants

These are the easiest to move. The majority of plants that people buy indoors are small. They don’t require a lot of transportation and can fit almost anywhere. Yet, that doesn’t mean they won’t need some precautions. The majority of moving companies will advise you not to put the plants inside the truck. You should take them with you instead. What you can do is put them inside a box and cover the walls with newspaper or towels. This will prevent your plants from getting some bumps down the road. That way they will arrive safely at your new place.

How To Move Plants To A New House
Tips To Move Plants To A New Home

Moving Outdoor Plants

When thinking about how to move plants to a new home, outdoor plants tend to be trickier. Usually, these plants are inside big pots. It is hard to move them around and that is why they require a lot more care and preparation. Yet, people always want some plants like these ones for their outdoor living spaces. So, if you are moving a lot of outdoor plants here are some recommendations. Trim them before moving. This will help them not to get stuck on anything during the move. If the outdoor is small, put the dirt and roots inside a bag. This will make moving them easier and avoid carrying the planter. Also, remember that all of these things will leave dirt behind. So, make sure to hire a move-out service before taking the road to your new home.