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Our Weekly Home Cleaning Schedule

Our Weekly Home Cleaning Schedule

In the case of home cleaning, we are always looking for ways to make everything more streamlined and easier. One of the best thing sot do is to organize a schedule and go with it. Today we want to share something with you. Our weekly home cleaning schedule. Here in the company, we’ve asked our team to come up with a great schedule to share with our avid readers. Hopefully, this schedule will give you some great ideas on how to do a cleaning checklist for your home. So, read on to get inspired to clean with these tips.


Mondays are a great day to start cleaning. Start by trashing your old magazines and newspaper. You can donate the paper if you please. Go ahead and dust everywhere and change bed sheets. Finish up with vacuuming every room.


Moving on with our weekly home cleaning schedule we have Tuesday. Clean your bathroom. Start with the shower, move to the sink, and finish with counters.



For the middle of the week, move on to the kitchen. It is important to clean those appliances and leave everything ready. We recommend that you use a degreaser for everything.


While the kitchen is for Wednesdays, we like to leave the fridge and pantry for Thursday. This is the day when we take out the old food, clean the fridge and rearrange things inside our pantry. Make sure to do this every Thursday.



Focus on the garage. The final day of the week should be the one when you spend your time cleaning the garage and the other rooms of the house. This is good because you can get rid of all the clutter there. For Saturday and Sunday, we leave free days for you to fix what you didn’t have time for during the week.

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