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Why Keep The Air In The Office Clean?

Why Keep The Air In The Office Clean?

Respiratory diseases are the most easily transmitted during everyday activities. Many infections are caused by inhaling airborne pathogens. Why keep the air in the office clean?

Many professions are carried out indoors. And experts are already pointing out that the air we breathe indoors is sometimes more polluted than outside. 

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Clean air

The solution seems quite simple and involves improving the quality of the air we breathe indoors. There are other important factors, such as light, body posture… but air is vital in the short term. Additionally we recommend our next post: The importance of office location for business success.


In addition, pollution generated by combustion fumes such as those from traffic, heating boilers, various harmful products used on a regular basis, bad smells, inadequate air renewal, insufficient and incorrect ventilation, low relative humidity, will make the office environment unhealthy.

Problems to our respiratory system


Respiratory or allergy problems are the main consequences that we can suffer in a place with bad air. Headache, sinusitis, nasal secretions or dryness, itching and dry throat, breathing difficulties, eye and skin irritation are other symptoms. Also, we recommend our next post: Strategies To Raise Office Morale.

Worst of all, we are increasingly used to working in buildings where windows do not open. The issue should not be a problem if the office or building has adequate ventilation systems and increases air renewal intake rates.

Finally, Virus transmission

In addition, we have to keep in mind that not purifying the air increases the chances of virus transmission between people. This is of particular concern at the moment. Not to mention that the proliferation of microorganisms in closed environments increases the number of infections and increases costs.


A final effective way to keep the air in your facility fresh is with daily cleaning. Finally, we recommend this post: Transform Your Office Into A Green Space.

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