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How To Clean a Shower

How To Clean a Shower

One of the most overlooked places at home when cleaning is the shower. After we finish taking a shower we just leave and that’s it. We never pay attention to what is happening behind the curtains once we leave the bathroom. Well, a lot happens. Mold, stains, and more. Today we tell you how to clean a shower. It is important to do it to prevent more damage to this place. Learn what products to use and how to clean it so you have the shiniest shower at home.

Cleaning Frequency

One thing to keep in mind is the cleaning frequency. As with any room or appliance, the shower needs cleaning too. But, how often is fine? The ideal time is weekly. If you count how many people have a shower a week then you can see how much the shower is used. If you don’t clean it you’re risking seeing signs of mold or worse. One thing that comes in handy on how to clean a shower is keeping a towel close. Not for you but for the doors or curtains. One way to do daily cleaning and reduce the risk of mold is by drying after showering. Doing this will help a lot before the weekly cleaning.

How To Clean a Shower at home
Shower Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips

Now, onto the cleaning guide. If you’re ready for the weekly cleaning then follow these tips.


  • Empty the shower: If you’re doing deep cleaning you need to clear up everything inside the shower. Remove everything you use and it’ll be a lot easier to clean.
  • Keep the shower ventilated: This is the best way to let it dry faster. Especially after someone takes a shower. Try to keep the room open at all times.
  • Remove mold: If you see some mold then take care of it ASAP. Buy your favorite cleaning product. Apply it to all the surfaces and scrub hard.
  • Clean walls as well: Do not focus on the showerhead only. Clean every part of the shower. Walls and curtains. If you have a bathtub then scrub it all.

Doing this isn’t hard but it can be overlooked. Try to add this to your weekly cleaning schedule. You’ll see how great your shower will look after cleaning it.

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