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Keep Your Store Organized

Keep Your Store Organized

It is not the same to enter a store where the merchandise is well organized and everything is clean and in perfect condition, than to find a dirty and messy store. Keep your store organized with this post.

Clean store

It often happens that people do not feel motivated to enter a store because it is a complete chaos: disorganized shelves. Things scattered on the floor, and even expired products or products with an expiration date very close. If this is the state of your store, you’re doing it wrong.

Also, you may not think this aspect is important at all, but a tidy store will always provide much more value than one that is not. 


Shelf placement by category

The best way to organize products on the shelves is by categories, i.e.: flours with flours, dairy with dairy, sausages with sausages, etc.

Place complementary categories together

In addition to the previous point, it is highly recommended to organize products next to their complementary categories. For example: soft drinks next to snacks, toast next to sauces, breads next to juices, etc.

Pricing the products

This avoids the customer constantly asking what the prices are, and also allows him to do the math in his head, and adjust to his budget.

The point of collection must be fixed

There should be a single place for customers to pay, this way you avoid problems such as loss of money and keep everything more organized. At this point we recommend you read our article The counter: your point of operations so you know how to maintain the counter of your store.

Leave space for customers to move around

Even if your store is not very big, you should always leave a space for your customers to move around. You must take into account that many times there will be more than one person shopping, so it will be uncomfortable for them to be bumping into each other.

Take care of the expiration date of the products

This is achieved with an efficient product rotation. Nothing simpler than, if you get a new batch of, for example, cans of beans, put them behind the ones you already have in stock. Sometimes it can be a little lazy, but avoiding product damage will always be a win-win situation.
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